On yer bike!


Cycling is one of my sports. Not that I try and win anything on these rides, it's the challenge to simply finish that gets me coming back for more. Besides, its a great way to see the country and explore places which you otheriwise would not get exposed to,

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Cradle to Cave


27th November 2005

Rhino and Lion Nature Reserve,
Kromdraai, Krugersdorp



Reality Strikes Back

Take a Look Out There

A chance to explore rolling open undeveloped landscapes north west of Joburg - the Cradle of Humanity World Heritage site. Most of the ride was through the Rhino Park, indeed a grunting Rhino trotted close (3rd pic below), fresh weather, fresh green veld, lots of fresh riders. It was a family affair with lots of newbies which made me feel more accomplished that I am. I really enjoyed this ride.



94.7 Cycle Challenge

94.7 km on the
tarred roads of Joburg

20th November 2005

Started 08:13

Group FF


Overall Position 11833/18150



DJ Edoardo (VA)


Pirate Signal


After a night of storming rain, the morning got off to misty start but was real fresh and cool, and later cleared up to be the most spectular day, as good as it gets here. The best thing about this ride is cruising down the M1 and not a car in sight, flying down Jan Smuts on the wrong side of the road through a red traffic light and not a care in the world.Yes, it's not often as a cyclist you get to totally drop your constant guard against you constant enemy. You get to taste pure freedom on the otherwise dangerous roads of cyclist unfriendly Joburg. What with road closures, private fencing off of public land not forgetting skora kora taxi drivers who have little consideration for other road users, and being invisible to most motorists, I have totally given up cycling around this place. It makes a nice change to have road closures in one's favour. Only the occassional yet frequent memorials erected along the roads at the scene of tragic accidents remind one how easily life can be snapped away on these roads. The scenery was epic with the clear blue skies and visibility to the horizon, another very rare event in the polluted highveld. Stunning sweeping vistas to the Magaliesburg, nicely greened by the recent but late rains. How many rides before all this is covered by the rapidly encroaching walled arrays of matchbox housing and golf estates for the more elite I wonder. I found a good pace during the ride, and did not feel too much strain at all. The ride was done on the Cannondale F500 with knobblies (too much bother to put slicks on, yea lazy sod I am). And very nice to see the Metro Police doing something useful for a change, they were very effective in keep irate motorists off the roads. And in isolated places, they could even be seen cheering cylists on. All in all a great event for Joburg.


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Eselfontein MTB Festival

Mabalingwe Lion Man 2005

Pick 'n Pay Argus Cycle Tour



2004/11/21 Pick 'n Pay 94.7 Cycle Challenge 94.7 04:24:10 13128/18051 10851/14160 1695/2095 GG 212/271

2003/11/16 Pick 'n Pay 94.7 Cycle Challenge 94.7 04:04:22 10412/16319 8796/12676 1324/1788 ZZ 105/273