Argus Cycle Tour 2004


How many times has it been? Something like six or seven my how time flies
It's always been great fun going down to Cape Town in March for the Argus Cycle Tour
This time it was made Xtra special by Cleon & Kate's hospitality
attending lots of social events with their friends
and of course 'aving the Chapmans Peak route open
believe me when I say that there is nothing like sweeping down that road
Landudno back to Camps Bay after a stunning ride around the Peninsula.

This time I put my new Sony T610 cell phone camera function too good use
'tis a bit mickey-mouse you will agree in terms of resolution and pixel brown-outs.
but its got a flavour of its own so here's some of the pics that I beamed back up to my PC
(via Bluetooth of course)



Okay this is not Cape Town but my screen saver @ home
First light on the T610



On arriving at Cape Town,
the wait for the baggage began
and whilst all and sundry read SMS's and called the office
I found the time to frame my first shot of the mother city




The hangar was full of bikes carted down in good time
my bike bag was easily found
and before long







I was on the yellow dashes road
where the Cape Doctor was breathing fear
into the hearts of 35000 cyclists





The High Cape was my home for 5 days




We kicked off the proceedings with a good shop at the Gardens Centre
where Kate was seen sharing a milkshake with some geeza
that some thought was her father :)




Later Cleon joined us.
I thought the T610 produced a van Gogh-type quality here



Joined by Niki and Sebastian that evening,
Cleon showed us his pics of their recent Orange River trip
on his hotspotted wireless laptop





The next morning was mission time,
where throngs of up-country visitors amassed outside the Good Hope Centre well before the opening time
in keen anticipation of the registration packs and oogling at expensive bikes and gizmos
only pausing for carbo loading macaroni cheese notwithstanding



There was no holding back these wheels
which were keen to find a way up the mountain
behind the High Cape





There's an extensive network of sand roads and tracks on Table Mountain
all one needs is a basic sense of direction
(a luxury that seems not to be encoded in too many human DNA it seems)
Note the mountains in the back ground
they make an appearance later in the show.




Once I joined the tar road which runs like a contour path halfway up the mountain
the wind I had been cycling against all the way up became a tail wind
and I cruised at 50km/h all the way to the neck.
That's what normally happens at the top of Smitwinkels Baai
after cycling against the SE wind all 50km from the city on the Argus route.





Saturday morning was breakfast at their latest spot
Lazari's - Good coffee and fine thai chicken wraps



The day was calm - perfect for the beach
In fact stunning weather at Clifton
'azure blue sky' - and not a cloud in sight
(the T610 pixels overloaded with this direct sun shot)



There is a tradition of partying the night before the Argus
nothing to do with insatiable hedonism
but there is always something on the go
that can't be missed.
It was Sebastians b-day at Richard's house
where we got down to a great reggae set from the birthday boy
accompanied by live percussion and later some house jams
This is James' mirror ball in action




Fortunately I managed to get my slicks on in time
although it's a shame the coffee perculator blew up at the High Cape.




When the corner is turned into Chapmans Peak drive,
the road of cyclists seems to wind up to infinity.





Sadly I did not pick up my messages because I missed my crew
picnicing on the side of the road at Camps Bay




After finishing we connected
(thats them at the center of the image)





Another spectacular afternoon




On Monday, a low flying fog blew in from the West
which called for closer investigation.









Time to go





By then them clouds had filled the Cape Flats all the way to the mountains
(That's the Stellenbosch Mountain in the lower right)



My time for the ride was 4hrs 43 mins.
given all the factorsI am satisfied.
4hrs ... maybe next year
And priviliged to have good friends to enjoy life with.




Thanks Cleon, Kate, Niki, Sebastian and all other friends in Cape Town