Camp Vuvuzela
@ Afrika Burns

22-25 November 2007

The event was inpsired by the Burning Man Festival in the USA
and is to some extent a franchise.

I put aside my initial misgivings and reluctance to participate
to join some great friends in making Camp Vuvuzela happen.
The ideals of self-reliance, sharing and non-commercialism
where the ones that resonated deeply in my soul

and the art aspect was lekka too..

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On the road

The SpinOut Sound System kept the Colt humble on the 23-hour trip down from Gauteng
travelling through the sparsely populated but epic Northern Cape was ... epic.



Titties Berg



the long road led me to Tittiesberg


Between a Rock and a Hard Place



between a rock and a hard playa ...
a lonely granite intrusion (?)
looking north to Tankwa Town

North Wester

The hard 'core' had spent the weekend getting the basic structure of the camp up
impressive effort under harsh conditions
my mission was the sound system


Other crews had prepared themed camps
Camp Retyred


that's the turbine
shame all that plywood went up in smoke


Da Bozz Boyz

da main manne of Camp Vuvu - the affable Richard and Sebastian
to the left is the 'Brunsvigia Orientals' installation Rich and Philippe had made

and the day turned to another night at Camp Vuvu
the music line up was diverse as it was superb

Viva Vuvuzela!

Giving it horns .... aka GB's toyz

Up the bux!

Photo opportunities abounded

and the day turned to night ...




Pet Rocks

I found the surrounding geology really interesting.
why does the sedimentary rocks have this onion-like structure?
and I could only speculate that a glacier shaved them like this.
There was also bits of a layer of black (volcanic?) glass-like hard rock
scattered on the playa, polished by sandblasting over the millennia.
The desert floor also had a crust that reminded me of the ancient Namib Desert.

Many thanks to Rick & Sebastian for pulling this one together,
it was pleasure and a privileged being part of the camp and crew.
and to everyone else: the dj's, the musicians, the scatter cushion consultants
ma ghents, the riggers, the cooks, the pixies, ....

viva Vuvuzela!

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Pics © Bruce Gillespie 2007