Road Trippin


25th December - 9th January 2006



Doing a year-end grand road tour of six of South Africa's nine provinces
not only warmed up my love of the land and it's diversity
travelling those long roads solo is a lethargic process
time to reflect on the year that was
and contemplate the future.
What is to be?

This was my first major road trip in the magnificent Silver Bullet.



don't be shy to click on pics for the full glory
( ~300 kB each)







































A Free State Fence
(enroute to Hogsback)






















Tierswaters Kloof in the parched Western Cape was the venue for the Prism Trance Festival
I was blessed with the privileged of playing out some New Years sunrise chillage





















Uncontrollable fires had been burning for weeks in the surrounding mountains














Back in the Mutha City for the Tweede Newe Jaar
for what must be the best if not the only street carnival in South Africa of cultural substance
a celebration of freedom, an exhibition of pride
that was draws so much enthusiasm and support from the Cape Malay community










































































The twisted strata over the Swartberg pass is phenomenal
after a rained-out paragliding trip to the Wilderness











Taking the back roads to Kimberely over the deserted Karoo
where the rare rain clouds were starting to clear













Random outcrops are likely candidates for Bushman rock art engravings
and I got lucky















Summer savana beauty abounded




















The Macgregor Museum in Kimberely has a lot of looted works
an exhibit explores the Dowson hypothesis









Pics © Bruce Gillespie 2006