SA War Museum
Saxonwold, Johannesburg

Objects from the Angola War in the 1980's



I pass this place almost every day.

It was visited many times in my childhood,

but not too often since.

However I have retained a deep fascination and interest in military technology.


My visit in early June 2005 was really to document the military technology on display

that was used in the Angolan War in the 1970's and 80's.

Its all too familiar and very fresh in my memory - and I am sure in a lot of others as well.

Some formidable equipment was developed by the South Africans.

(with the help of a few friends)


The G5 & G6 155mm Howitzer


The Mirage FIII


A Soviet T34/85 Tank


Some other pics




Some "context"
web sites that show the frame and state of mind of hte South Africans

The Cassinga raid

The South African Bush War

In no way do I support the views or interpretation of events as expressed in these links
Its simply some of the many stories that must be told,
Some perspectives of events that surrounded us during these years


"The Horror, The Horror"



Pics © Bruce Gillespie 2005