Vortex 10th

4th December 2004


Its been a great year for music festivals.

Could it get any better?


Vortex is outdoor trance party organiser in Cape Town
that we have to thank not only for lasting 10 years
but also many great productions.

My 1st was Feb 1997 at the Ostrich Farm.

Pics are on the evening we arrived and the next day
Stage and dancefloor decor was stunning in the UV sorry no nightime pics


Click on pics for larger versions













The rest of the possie arriving
Cleon was taking a video with his camera





























Sub 6 were playing a DJ set
























































The last track being played out




















Thanks Niki, Sebastian, Kate, Cleon, Richard, Till, the geezers in the combi next to us
and all those beautiful people that keep this scene alive!






1994 - 2004

LIVE : SUB - 6 ( Homega Records )
PLANET BEN ( Organic Noise & Projekt X )
HYDROPHONIC ( Nano Records )

DJ¹s : Planet Ben ( ZOOM & Planetry Records )
Ohad ( Homega & Sub-6 )
Golan ( Homega & Sub-6 )
Lox ( Vortex )
Regan ( Hydrophonic & Nano )
Skragg ( Timecode )
Chesh ( Hydrophonic & Nano )
Shonah ( Electric Chic )
& special guests.......

Backdrops and Psychedelic Art by MAXI (VOOV/ Germany)
Projections by Blaze (VORTEX)
Graphic Manipulations by Fractal Anomalie (VORTEX)
Special effects by MXFX

THE VENUE offers a beautiful sandy beach beside the Breede River and a huge swimming pool.
Shaded and watered dancefloor, food stalls, craft and clothing market.





Pics © Bruce Gillespie

If you want to use these pics anywhere else,
please credit me (& let me know)