Homelands 2002



Homelands is a big dance festival
in Somerset, UK
the first of the English summer
and what a fantastic summers day it was

The last time I was there (2000) it was mudlands



This time I was with dear friends Nelio & Ela and two other pals
we were all most certainly up for it!


When the sun shines in the UK, the people tend to shine as well
All the big clubs had tents - that's the Slinky tent on the rhs




We didn't get much further than The End techno tent
Jeff Mills is a legend and is a phenomenal Dj
Richie Hawtin followed



but it was Laurent Garnier's 6-hour set took us through the night




shiny happy people in the morning light streaming into the tent

that's what a night of dancing does







The following Monday we celebrated the Golden Jubilee in traditional style
with a headonist boat party on The Thames



Many thanks to Nelio & Ela for hospitality and fine company