2010 Football World Cup in South Africa

Please don't come!


South Africa is supposed to host the 2010 FIFA Football World Cup. But its a crazy mess.

Let me be clear, I write this not as a pessimistic nay-sayer of the 'new' South Africa, but as a patriot and 21st century South African, actively invloved in income generation and employment, as well as outreach and development. One that has been lucky enough to have participated in the massive change and democratisation of our country. And I enjoy watching the Soccer World Cup just as much as anyone else, and I am a sports-person of sorts myself. I live in the vibrant heart of Johannesburg, and am at one with all the people of the land.

I, like many others here in South Africa, see many things falling apart on a daily basis. The roads, infrastucture, public health, education, civil and municipal services etc etc. But most of us cope and get on with it, as we have done before. We live in a context of a great transition. There is a long way to go, given the colonial and racial legacy of our past. Not to make excuses but thats the way it is. And there is a upside. The spirit of the people, and the cultural diversity and the beauty of the land is what personally keeps me going.

If only we had something to 'showcase' to the world such as the Chinese have done with the 2008 Olympics, but sorry no we dont, we are in a sad state. We can ill-afford all that is happening right now around '2010'. The waste of public funds and resources are sickening. And who benefits? They new elite and the same old . Here are more of my reasons why I say this.

I will be adding links to press and other sources to vindicate my views as they emerge: ... the truth has to be told.

  • South Africa bans Dalai Lama trip
    Get a load of this lunacy. March 2009: The SA Government decides to deny entry to the legendary Tibetan Dalai Lama who was invited to a peace conference linked to the 2010 Football World Cup, along with Bishop Tutu and Mandela. Why? Coz they dont want to any controversy here over the forthcoming FWC. And of course the Chinese Embassy had a say in this. Whatever happened to the Free Speech we fought hard for?
    Source: BBC News and News24

  • Stadium Contractor announces record profits
    WBHO announces their profit for the latest financial period climbed 85.43%. But what after 2010? So this is whats its all about, bottom line to the old guard huh? And cleaning up whilst they can. More here
    Source News24

  • Who will to pay the R500m shortfall for the R3.1m Stadium in Durban?
    Us, Joe "taxpayer" public no doubt. ... . here are details
    Added 23rd March 2009
    , source News24

  • CT stadium on track but...
    .. the city wants national government to deal with the cost overrun, mayor Helen Zille. More here

    Added 27th August 2008, source News24

  • Minister Pahad says whites want the 2010 World Cup to fail
    This is the sort of horrible race politics that we are seeing way too much of nowadays. The trend is: if someone disagrees or criticises, diss them coz they are 'white' ... one of the high flyers speaks words of dissdom here

    Added 22nd August 2008, source News24

  • R11m Beijing fiasco
    An attempt to run a hospitality centre by SA public servants in Beijing to promote SA 2010 was a disaster, not because of a lack of cash, but by bad plannng and organisation. And they spent R2 mil more than was spent on our Olympic team. '2010' has come to be standard excuse for abuse and waste of public funds.
    20th August 2008, Source IOL

  • 2010: SA R2bn over-budget
    "The budget overruns for South Africa's ten 2010 Soccer World Cup stadia will be north of R2bn, says deputy Finance Minister Jabu Moleketi.
    He added that with the benefit of hindsight, South Africa would do things very differently when it came to managing the costs for an event like this. .. So far, R6bn has been spent on the stadia, which includes R700m in professional services like architects and project managers. .. Aside from more money from the national fiscus, institutions like the Development Bank are being called in to negotiate loan packages for host cities." Full Article here
    Added 13th August 2008, source Fin24

  • Cops getting distracted by 2010
    In terms of security, attention is been diverted away from the needs of the people to the 2010 SWC. And its not as though they are coping with the current situation, as everyone here knows only too well.
    7th Augut 2008, Source News24

  • "2010 transport plan 'off track' "
    Public transport in SA is a mess, and no matter how much (public) money is spent on it all in the name of 2010, its mission impossible. Problem is all the politicians and decision makers (with a few exceptions) are all so intoxicated with big ideas and the glamour of the event, nothing worthwhile is being done, and won't be done in time. Read how "MPs have heard that time is running out to build an effective transport legacy for the 2010 soccer World Cup" here.
    4rd July 2008, Source News 24

  • Fat Contract for 2010 'smart tickets' given to "empowered" company. Yea right.
    This thing called '2010' has given lots of opportunities to dish out public money for 'modernisation' and stuff no one actually needs, but sounds good to those in charge. Most of the time its industry lobbiests who do the sweet talking and bait the hooks. Highly paid "Expert" consultants are all over the place, and this is reaching epidemic proportions. All whilst public services crumble, crime etc etc. Here R200 milion of public funds is being spent on a smart card ticketing solution for public transport. What a waste. Firstly, the only public transport there is, is an antique and sparse bus network. All the 'taxis' are informal sector and strictly cash, and that aint going to change. It might be a good idea where you have an extensive infractructure of public transport (like the Oyster card in London) but here its a joke. And on top of this, a so-called Black Economically Empowered (BEE) company got the contract, and guess what, its a sham and a front, and its business as usual, besides a few kick backs for the new elite no doubt. Read all about it here
    19th June 2008, Cape Argus

  • R2,9-billion short for Durban stadium
    "Durban's already-pressurised ratepayers could soon be asked to fund a R2,9-billion shortfall for construction of vital infrastructure associated with the new stadium before the 2010 World Cup" .. "the deficit ... could have a major impact on municipal service delivery"
    13th June 2008, Source Daily News

  • Yebo denialism
    "The government has hit out at reports casting doubt on South Africa's ability to host the 2010 soccer World Cup" I can only speculate when it will become apparent that 'no can do', and then "the government" can get on with the job they are contracted in doing: meeting the needs of the people of the country. More here

    3rd May 2008, Source News 24

  • Mpuma 2010 stadium corruption skandaal
    "Alleged irregular payments to the company appointed to design Nelspruit's 2010 World Cup stadium are to be probed" - R43m payment was allegedly unauthorised. More here

    3rd May 2008, Source News 24

  • Hospitals delayed by Cup
    "A hospital building programme in South Africa has been put back, to help pay for the football World Cup " madness takes its toll ... more here
    27th January 2007, Source BBC News

  • South Africa Aids policy attacked
    BBC News
    , 19th August 2006

Feel the same way? but what can be done ...