Humba 2010 FIFA Football World Cup!


Why I think the 2010 FIFA Football World Cup is a bad idea for South Africa right now:

  • South Africans live in a crime epidemic, and its really not getting any better.

    The SA Police Services are ineffective in dealing with this due to corruption, a cronic lack of skills and dismal leadership. Why even our Minister of Police (a previous diplomat with no policing experience) has been caught with his hand in the till, and his advice to anyone who criticises the SAPS is to emigrate.
    Most cities are not safe for tourists, unless they are shuffled from hotel to stadium in private buses or taxis.

  • There is NO safe & effective public transport in the major cities that will be able to cope with the visitors, let alone us tax-paying citizens who deal with this crisis on a daily basis.

    And its only getting worse everyday. What public transport there is, is a mess. Even though we had some grand schemes (all in the name of 2010) these are a waste of public funds, and will not help the public at large. The Gautrain (which wont even be ready by 2010 btw) are by designed for the elite, and are taking up a massive amount of public funds (over 75% of the Gauteng Transport budget for the forseeable future). We have also had the Taxi Recapitalisation Program, an attempt to control and reformat the informal taxi industry, which is a massive mover of people. This exists outside of state or any other planing anyway. Problem for the state is its a cash business, so its hard to tax. Buses are a joke, they are few and far between, and routes havent kept change with shifting demographics. Metropolitan or intercity train travel: forget it. Sparse, slow and crime ridden.

  • South Africans live in the midst of an HIV/AIDS pandemic, its a national crisis.

    Yet our Minister of Health and her Department minimises the role of anti-retroviral drugs and prescribes beetroot and garlic instead. Let alone our Presidents well-known (and discredited) views. There is no programme to assist or monitor Sex Workers for HIV status. FIFA should veto the choice of SA for this reason alone.

  • The World Cup Plans are leading to spate of badly considered Public Works projects, corruption, graft, public land grabs and waste of public funds at large.

    For example, the construction of a Stadium on valuable open land on Greenpoint Common in Cape Town was opposed by almost all of the residents, yet was pushed through over the heads of the public, leading to massive waste of public funds, long term public dept, and a tragic irrovacable loss of open public space. Yet no doubt even the existing Stadium sits unused most of the year and people live in extreme poverty a few km away in the Cape Flats. Its not appropriate to be embarking on these massive public work projects which are to host a game of football for a few weeks.

    Unfortunately all these prestigious and glamorous projects have not led to critical and objective decision making, too many pockets are being lined, too many high flyers are on a roll and on the take. And lets look at who the major benefactors are? Well the usual suspects in the civil engineering and construction world, not much has changed since the demise of apartheid in this regard.

  • The Government should deal with the problems of the people, and forget about wasting their time and our money on this event, which after all is just a game of football.

    These include Public Health Services, Education, Land Reform, all of which are in a state of crises. The elite are okay, they can afford private education for the kids and comprehensive Medical Aids. Most of that is down to bad leadership, management, and lack of and flight of skills.

  • Almost all National Sports are in a sad state.

    Maybe this is indicative of the state of the nation. Bad leadership, budgets being wasted, racial quotas etc, its a mess. Not that we lack talent, but we as a society need lots of time to heal. Just let it be.



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