Turning the corner
dec '04 - jan '05

anyone seen Bruce Lee?


Many struggle to understand why I still live where I do in Jou Berg

several reasons

none of which have to do with status


or property prices.






Johannesburg's oldest suburb Yeoville has changed radically since I first settled there mid 1980's

then it was a bohemia and a tranquil island of racial harmony in a rabbidly racist society

undergoing tormentious change

indeed it was an epicentre of that change

collapse of local government and other factors led

to mass migrations and white flight

mainly through inertia I stayed

and continued to over-capitalise

one thing that consistently brings cheer

to an otherwise challenging life in the eye of the jozi storm

is the interaction with all the kids running around

I was called "Bruce Lee" way-back-when

to this day I arrive home to shrills of

"Bruce Lee"



"we want to swim"
(no matter the weather)

well it always brings a laugh

and sometimes they get lucky!

But this generation don't know who Bruce Lee actually was

such has been the time span that this has gone on

I had some of them in for a screening of the "Blues Brothers"

on the good ole DTS

At least they know who John Lee Hooker is now!