December 2003

I took a journey from the top to the bottom
experienced dramatic mid-summer contrasts
indulging the company of beautiful people.

The drive up to far north of Limpopo on Xmas day
with rainbows, rain animals
and a freshbabe
for (good) company



to the heartland of the baVenda



where a celebration in honour of Khualani was being held



after my deep space mission was rained out
it was with the chickens

down to Vermaaklikheid on the southern tip



on a tidal river



a uniquely crafted lodge



was our home for a few days


for a crew of hearty revellers
(and their dogs)


from Paul's collection


the time to leave came way too soon



I took the back roads back
a journey thru the Klein Karoo


for a few quiet days in the high Cape


(Cleon's pic)

many thanks to Cleon, Kate, Niki, Sebastian and everyone else
for the hospitality, generosity and friendship.

Let's meet again!