Euro 2004


Farnborough Air Show


It's no secret that a major interest of mine is aero-space technology

Generally that's where the cutting edges in technology are.

And the way its going in the 21st century is Pilotless Aircraft
Not only for surveillance but also for combat.



This might be nippy unit for buzzing your enemies before exterminating them.




This is the Global Hawk: high altitude surveillance in operation at a war near you.




The X-47 is a stealth Joint Unmanned Combat Air System
the size of a small conventional aircraft.
The opening on the top is the air intake for the jet engine.







Half helicopter - half conventional aircraft
Its larger (manned) brother the V-22 has yet to make its debut.




The Apache has seen wide service in Iraq where is has proved vulnerable to small arms fire
It's also used extensively by Israel against the Palestinians, often with gruesome effect.
But this type still has pilots. However the Hellfire missles it carries have been mounted
on the remotely-piloted Predator and used 'successfully' in the Middle East.





The Swedish agile multi-role Gripen is to be South Africa's new fighter aircraft.




The F-16 is very widely deployed by the USA and allies.