Euro 2004


Somerset UK



Its been a long time coming. Years and years of wishing.
A music lovers pilgrimage.

2004 and it all came together
although I am still suffering from PTSS after that on-line ticket fiasco






In Barcelona I could see the weather was going to be cr@p.
Well, at least the dance tents will be busy I consoled myself.
It took some committment to get there
a lane of mud awaited me from the parking lot
through which my luggage got dragged.
Pennard's Hill is where I headed.




With the my tent up, I helped my neighbours erect their gazebo in a fierce wind.
We had a Pims. A siesta. And that's what happened.






Friday was great weather for outdoor fun.









The festival is surely unique in the world.
The most diverse range of music and entertainment imaginable.
















The Stoned Circle




After a fantastic Friday night, a rainbow greeted us at first light on Saturday morning.
However I soon realised what this signalled: the arriving rain.







The BBC Radio 1 Stage went off mud and all.

I enjoyed many DJ's and acts there: Way Out West, Lottie and many others



Their lighting was a bit in your face at times.






The Chemical Brothers working out.





The Glade Stage is where I spent a lot of time.





Protoculture live caused a storm.





And there there was this contraption which was being constructed from day 1 to wild psy trance.
Then on Sat night it turned out to be Ship from which slow motion circus style trapeze performances took place.
Then on Sunday morning we found a DJ in action
slamming funky house music to a posse of party people.





That's the DJ on top




Early morning scenes at the King's Meadow




The Old Bill made a point of being around
when the hard-core psy trance got going at the Glade
But this one was legit!




The mud made going to the loos fun.



Sunday evening cleared up in time for Orbitals epic and emotional
last live public performance in England.





Monday morning and it's all over.
Time to pack up and face the schlep through the mud back to the car, getting the car through the mud blah blah
Compare this scene to 3rd pic, note how populated the site is with tents as far as one can see uo to the fence in the distance.
That's Mark, a Londener who has South African roots: his family left SA when he was a lightie and he still says 'is it'



The mud did get a bit much but didn't really spoil the festival,
since most of the people seemed to take it in their stride, they are used to cr@p weather.
What was a disaster though was England being knocked out the Euro 2004 Football Cup.




The Glastonbury Festival Site is here


Pics © Bruce Gillespie