Casa Batlló


Another wonderful Antoni Gaudí creation in Barcelona
built in 1904 during a time of exciting Calalonian modernism

"an architectural smile, an outburst of the compositional
pleasure of someone in full command of his own individual style that
enabled him to escape any imitation or school"










The facade on the Passeig de Gràcia
is poised over you to devour your senses
as you enter and explore.











Gaudi believed that nature abhorred straight lines.
This curvalicious stair case is beautifully crafted,
as is everything else in the building














Hail the mushroom! - the fireplace room














The center of main living room





























The dining room towards the rear building.
These details are said to have been inspired by some kind of organic suckling devices.















The terrace.























Magnificent blue tiling lines the center court.














The beautiful details never seems to let up.














It seems every fitting was custom-made.













The roof features magical chimneys.
















This was described as the belly of the dragon.













In which the (holographic) ghost of Gaufi lives.















































Pics © Bruce Gillespie