July/August 2005





Florence, Tuscany, all the stuff that tourist and art lovers dreams are made of.

Besides all that, for me it was a pilgrimage
to pay homage to
Galileo Galiliei's 17th century telescopes.
These were the ones he used to figure out that the planet Jupiter had satellites (moons),
the moon and the sun had blemishes and thus were not perfect creations,
and Venus exhibited phases, all of which suggested the Earth was not the centre of the World
as the scriptures dictated.






The Museum of the History of Science was a first stop
where we saw a 1st Edition of Siderius Nuncius as well








With that out of the way, we joined the tourists.























the Duomo is a great attractor













Florenzi is dominated by towering Catholic institutions, icons, art,
just about everything there really is something to do with Catholicism.
Except willies. There are none left on the statues anywhere.
(although David was spared his)






























The outer wall of the Duomo was festooned with this Protea, together with a Springbok.
Perhaps the WWII troupies?











































Palazza Veccbio


















We has minature of David on the mantle piece, above the fire place in our family home.
Except he had a fig leaf covering his manhood.
It was Queenie Victoria idea
to make the David the Grand Duke of Tuscany give her in 1857
a bit more 'decent'.


















Visits to markets is always time well spent.
































Pics © Bruce Gillespie