August 2005







Piazza Bellini was a lively and useful base
In the old town, bordering a district of music shops
and an abundance of excellent pizzaries and trattorias.
















The rear of the B&B Bellini opened up into a square
where I tried to get into the brain of Dr Space
with only Italy's finest 'bière naturale' for company










The recurring Napolese theme of sun rippened colours
piazzas, choatic traffic and bustling humanity






























































The dormant volcano Vesuvius is never far from view












Pompei was a fascinating visit
but it was these wagon wheel wear ruts
on the stone roads that got my attention.










The National Museum features many treasures of antiquity from the area.
Of particular interest was these representations of the 5 magic Pythagorean Solids
as well as some hidden Roman Erotica in Marble and Mosaic





















































The Umberto Galleria must be one of the most spectacular shopping malls ever


























The Archicture of the 1936 Post Office is described as 'Facist'
Can you feel the jackboots marching in step?
















Back at b&b Bellini, the house keeper Anna hosted a Napolese Diner party on our last night
where we enjoyed a spectular feast with friendly, jovial and vociferous company











All thanks to Cleon who's gregerious nature and gift for lanuages made us lots of friends.











Pics © Bruce Gillespie