Sonica Electronic Music Festival 2005


Lago di Bolsena, Umbria, Italy

5-8 August 2005


The first trance festival in Italy

Organised by Edoardo & crew feom Neurobiotic Records










Lago di Bolsena is the largest fresh water lake in Italy
In the crater of an exctinct volcano























































































































































































Wrecked Machines drew the beautiful Brazilians out


























The howling wind dust swept frenzing really did not seem to bother anyone.

























Emiliano was from Roma
adorned by Manolia's body painting





































Infected Mushroom on the stage























Simon Posford performed a live 'Hallucinogen' set.
The highlight for me.
ps nice T-shirt!


































The Chill Area













Simon did the closing set down here as well.











As the sun went down on the festival













Many will remember it as a very special gathering of the tribe.











A round of cafe con leche provides the fuel needed
before the inevitable and un-enviable task of packing-up and getting to the next stop.

Not too mention rousing sleepy headz.




















Line up

Live sets
Altom (Neurobiotic Records - France)
Bamboo Forest (MP records - France)
Bon (Digital Psionics - Italy)
Domestic (Hommega - Israel)
Etnica (Etnicanet - Italy/Ibiza)
Hallucinogen (Twisted Records - UK)
Infected Mushroom (BNE/Yoyo - Israel)
Intelabeam (Spun Records - Israel)
Joti Sidhu (Neurobiotic Records - UK)
Loopus in Fabula (Fabula Records - Italy)
Nick (Neurobiotic Records - Israel)
Pixel (Hommega - Israel)
Polaris (Neurobiotic Records - France)
Psysex (Hommega - Israel)
Pulsar (Magma Records - Italy)
Silicon Sound (Neurobiotic Records - France)
Strider (Etnicanet - Italy)
Sub 6 (Hommega - Israel)
Tikal (Neurobiotic Records - France)
Wizzy Noise (Exposure Productions - Greece)
Wrecked Machines (Spun Records - Brazil)
X-noiZe (Hommega - Isreal)

Ans (Nano Records - UK)
Antaro (Spirit Zone/Voov Experience - Germany)
Chriss & Schippe (Full Moon Festival - Germany)
Du Serena (Hommega - Brazil)
Edoardo (Neurobiotic Records - Italy)
Erez vs Duvdev (BNE/Yoyo - Israel)
Josko (Neurobiotic Records - Italy)
Kaio (Neurobiotic Records - Italy)
Kristian (Transient Records/Antiworld - UK)
M45 (Neurobiotic Records - Italy)
Mack (Spun Records - Brazil)
Marcello VOR (Neurobiotic Records - Brazil)
Marchello (Fairy tales - UK)
Marco (Fluoropranksters - Italy)
Marios (Oktava records/Samothraki Dance festival - Greece)
Meko (Sonica - Italy)
Peyo (Trancemission - Italy)
Psychotrop (Neurobiotic Records - France)
Shane Gobi (Alchemy Records - UK)
Simo (Alchemy Records/Antiworld - UK)
Tommy (Crystal vision - Italy)
Tristan (Twisted Records - UK)
Xp Voodoo (Spun Records - Russia)


Chill out area
created by the Green Lizard Collective (UK) in collaboration with Samjiva and GoaSpirit (Italy)

Aes Dana (Ultimae Records - France)
Aliji (Sanjita – UK)
Arianna (Liquid Connective - Italy/UK)
Beka (Turbo Trance Records - Australia)
Biodubtribe (Italy/UK)
Cell (Indica Music - France)
Damion (Psyreviews - UK)
Driver speed (Samjiva – Italy)
Dubloon (Sanjita – UK)
Fernando (Zig Zag Records - Brazil)
Flux (Samjiva – Italy)
Franjo (Moon Madness - Italy)
Frank (The entity - UK)
Gaudi (Interchill - Italy/UK)
In da Gladiaz (Samjiva – Italy)
Jay Om (Free Spirit - UK)
Josko (Indica Music - Italy)
Justin Chaos (Spain)
Lasituazione (Italy)
Loic Van Poucke (Total Eclipse - France)
Moon (Rythms of peace – Morocco)
Nanda (Chillosophy – Chile)
Naked Nick (UK)
Nick (Interchill - UK)
Nova (Ultimae Records/Fairy Tales - Italy/UK)
Ott (Twisted records - UK)
PKS ( - Norway)
Scene (Indica Music - Italy)
Simon Posford (Shpongle DJ Set) (Twisted records - UK)
Sparx (South Africa)
Tom Real (Antiworld - UK)
Trotter (Indica Music – Brazil)
Tripswitch (L.S.D. - UK)
Will (Omni Festival/Missing frequency - UK)
Youth (L.S.D. - UK)
Zizou (Indica Music/Sonica - Italy)

The main floor soundsystem was a monstrous d&b audio technik Q1 line array
Chill out sound system will be also a d&b audio technik, model C4.

Solar deliria ( from Mexico and Trancekarma (Boom festival) ( from Portugal will create a futuristic environment of 3d mindbending installations.

Frolics from London, with the cooperation of Quadroptica will take care of the visual productions on the main stage.

Sonica Laser team together with Nano (Portugal) will perform a 3 nights laser show using 2 green lasers and a 15 watts multi color laser and Pangolin software.







Pics © Bruce Gillespie