Mauritius 2003

The Birthday


Just what are the odds of two people in a group of 36 having the same birthday?

Surely less that .9 as Pete the Maths teacher postulated.



However this August the 5th was one with a difference, being in this large group David & I received a lot of attention (which meant a lot to me since I do not get enough of this at home). This included a disposable camera from Fiona & Hazel from whence this image of the 1st course of breakfast came.



A big group outing was planned for that day which meant all on a bus trip and heading east to Blue Bay. The bus was jovial with birthday rituals.


A recurring theme of the holiday. At Blue Bay waiting for departure on the coral viewing.


That's Aulora checking out the scenery through the glass bottom of boat as one does in these parts.
Or was she just about to throw up?




The water nymph of Blue Bay

Lunch was taken at a mansion on a plantation
Oh the opulence of the colonial life!

At lunch things got a bit silly what with all that vanilla rum tasting.

Another great tourist activity: Tea Tasting,
the highlight being the lines of the tea factory.