Mauritius 2003

That's not all folks



You must appreciate I come from a thick tradition of post-holiday Slide Shows and 8mm Home Movies. Family, friends and relatives gathered around after supper to a sound track of Frank Sinatra to re-live the great journey to the Natal Coast and moments spent in vacational abandon on whites-only beaches with no worries in the world. My dad used to say 'And that's all folks" after the final slide of the show.


I spotted a poster in the local village for a gaming tournament in Port Louis. Alex and the other under 18's guys took very little encouragement to get out of bed early that day - I offered to be the chaperone. Actually I had my own agenda: I wanted to see how PC's were being used in terms of local culture, the rigs, how the group gaming worked etc all useful business and ethnographic information to be assimilated in my cultural database. These guys set up in a busy pedestrian mall in the midst of the 'Waterfront' which is just exactly what you would expect of a modern Waterfront except this one really was on a waterfront, something that would phase the average Gautenger. They had a decent sound rig and DJ's spinning a very eclectic mix all day from techno and house to hip hop, rock and legends such Pink Floyd "The Wall" with a MC for some flava. Ours lads cruised through the first round of Unreal Tournament but here they are getting their butz seriously kicked in the final round. These Chinese guys had it all sussed and with superb team work, the Sands crew were well and truly cybernetically slaughtered. We were the only tourists, the locals were very friendly but all the commentry was in Creole. We even got invited to the after party. Not that we went. You see it was Simon's 16th bday (on the far left) and his idea of fun was to drink a shopping trolley full of booze.




Continuing with my investigation, these public internet terminals were seen around the shopping malls. Obviously a society at ease with such technology, and little enough chance of it getting vandalised or stolen.


This is why I am always up for a window seat.
En-route back to SA, a volcanic crater on the island of Reunion
in the evening twilight.