Mauritius 2003

The Wedding


Actually it was the reception that we travelled all that way for. The official wedding took place in a registry office somewhere in the UK a few months earlier. Whatever it was, it was certainly a celebration of two people committing to each other, a union, just what conventional weddings are all about and what Ian & Helen had been avoiding all these years. Guess getting married with hindsight is not a bad idea, especially if you have managed to live together all these years!

That's the daughter Karin on the right, with friend Jess leading the posse to the venue for the wedding reception. Ian's dad Ivan can be seen finding his seat. He brought his family out to Kenya in the colonial days to work on the East African Railways, and ultimately turned out to be one of the most prolific butterfly collectors, having discovered several new species in his ramblings through Africa.



The venue for the lunch was Chamarel, on a ridge overlooking a beautiful turquoise bay. The weather was a bit bi-polar but the views won hearts & minds.


Gwyn on the left is a makulu baas in a BBC news department. She is one of the Oxford crew and we didn't see her for the first few days whilst she de-stressed but she turned out to be a very interesting and accomplished person, with a healthy sense of humour and keeness to learn the southern constellations which I needed little encouragement elaborating on. With her is the stunning Becky (17 and soon to be medical student) - the compliments are not just because she is very interested in science either . Her younger sister is Ros, a 15 year old trapped in a women's body according to her mother. These sensational sisters are off-spring of Pete & Joyce (of the Oxford gang)


Part of Ian's pre-holiday brief was for us to exploit the incoming duty free allowance in terms of Mumm Cordon Rouge champagne for the party. Fortunately everyone dutifully complied with this directive. So that's how we landed up with great volumes of top champers to consume. Here Zimbos David & Alora check out the small print given that we Africans are not quite used to such luxuries.


It all started with a kiss ....



Thats Ian's sisters Fiona and Hazel, both single mothers who two strapping lads each (Neil, Alan, Tom and Kim)


Mike's doing the honours (one of an seemingly infinite series). He is one of Ian's friends that go back to the '70's. Apparently trained as monk before he discovered how pleasurable sinning is. Back in the day, he was one of early trade unionists and spent 12 years in exile in London. In the middle is Ian's local business connection and friend Vincent (pronouced 'vencarn') who played a big part in the organisation. He runs a printing business and is a fourth generation Mauritian of French decent.


What pleasure a fine fine brings to the human spirit! That's David (the other David), husband of Gwyn, Rhodes scholar and Palm Pilot of note (which came in handy for indgredients for the many pre-dinner cocktails served up). He has a nervous system condition which has by and large been overcome with some interesting implants. Pete on the right is father of those sensational sisters.


This was just the pre-lunch drinks! The rest was somewhat of a blur .....