Philippines '06

1-16th June 2006






Angeles is about 100 km north west north of Manila.
It's a sprawling town beter known amongst visitors
as a prime destination for sex tourism.
This industry here is directly related to the past presence
of the US Military at the adjacent to the former Clark Air Base.
And whilst emphatic denial is often the sign of guilt,
unlike almost every other middle-age male tourist there
let me just say that I was not there to partake
perhaps even the opposite, but that's a story for another time.

It should also be said that the sex industry here and elsewhere in Asia
soley be blamed on Western men seeking eternal youth
It's roots are many and varied, primarily economic, even cultural
and the sex industry is largely supported by local and regional clientele*.
Perhaps the general attitude towards women here should also be considered.
Girls are often expected to go out and work as soon as they can
to bring in money to house and family
the seemingly lucrative sex industry leave them no choice.











The North Luzon Highway
and you thought South African bill boards were over the top ...












It's a bustling sprawling densely congested polluted town
Jeepneys, trikes, bikes and overhead cables.












Back in the 50's Jeepneys really were Jeeps














Charcoal, stoves and basic utensils for sale alongside (copies of) the latest DVD releases

















The Trike is a very common mode of transport.
Generally shuttles people from their homes to the main roads
where the Jeepneys ply set routes
It's an adapted motorbike with weather-proof sidecar,
often loaded past capacity with friends, family & provisions.













The dormant volcano of Mount Arayat
is at one axis of the notorious Fields Avenue.














You can buy a Cell Phone "Load" just about everywhere
branding by the titans of the industry reaches everywhere.
Internet Cafes are also prolific.
It's the chat generation.










The ritual of texting is overlaid on just about every other activity.












Dresses to kill








*Lousie Brown "Sex Slaves, the trafficking of women in Asia" Virago Press 2000, London