Philippines '06

1-16th June 2006






Boracay is the numero uno tourist destination inthe Philippines
perhaps the most developed in this regard
but still great place for
a taste fo Fili island life

There's no air strip, but it's just a short banca ride from the nearest town that has an airport













































Cock fighting is a big thing in these parts.
Birds are carefully bred, fed and nurtured until annihilation day arrives.















Our dear mother is to be found is most appropriate places
one of the Philippines 8000 islands















There I was looking for the petrol station






























There are so many children around
generally having a good time so it seems








































The cocks are brought out every day
and placed just outside of pecking distance
to condition them for battle










































Locals browse the low tide flats
for a seafood supper soup


















Whilst the tourists back at the hotel contemplate life

















I found the Bancas always to have elegant lines















































This was certainly the smartest example of local architecture I came across