Philippines '06

1-16th June 2006





It was first U.S. Army cavalry post, later in 1947 Air Force
Clark Air Base was the most urbanized
as well the largest US base overseas.
Bombed into submission much the same time & way as Pearl
Harbour was
it was the backbone for logistal support for the Korean & Vietnam wars,
CIA support for Nationalist China, Desert Shield, etc etc.












The base was made a Special Economic Zone
however there now, except the brand bew "SM Mall".
Mall Culture is big in the Philippines.










































This was a hospital, completed in 1964.



















Of the 70 000 American & Fili troops who surrendered
at the Bataan Pernisula to the Japanese in March 1942
only 54 000 arrived at Camp O’Donnell, just north of Clark








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