Philippines '06

1-16th June 2006






It's a sprawling metropol - home to 10 million people
there's a lot of poverty next door to oppulence
* just like home *











The world's longest Zebra Crossing festooned by the national colours

















Jeepneys originate from WWII left-over Jeeps - and provide the bulk of public transport.
Elaborately and individually decorated,
they chug their routes stopping wherever necessary for a fare.























A remarkable building seemingly abandoned amongst the grid-locked streets of Manila

The 1920's Metropolitan Theater

an Art Deco delight, and one of the few buildings to survive The Battle for Manila






















When Imelda Marcos ruled the city,
the Cultural Center of the Phlippines
was one of her grand plans and opened in 1966
at a time when she was suffering from a so-called "edifice complex"




















SMS-text is almost the de-facto means of communication