the adventures of Kpt. Fantastic and his crew


We visited the Hobeb Meteorite near Groofontein in northern Nambia. It's a piece of an old star and is a chondrite which consists of 50 per cent iron and 50 per cent rock. This particular one is the largest known to have impacted the earth and weighs about 60 tonnes.

Grootfontein is a strange place and we were glad we declined the SA Weermag's invitation to visit there previously under less hosipitable circumstances.


After levelling the tripod,
it is important to remove the lens cap.


Mr Incredible helped to plot the course.
M42 GOTO. . It wasnt very difficult.


In the meantime, Ms. Marvellous
had to keep a look out for the Perseids.


After all that slewing, in was time for some schnitzel,
where some lovely animals kept us company.


June 1995


pics © BRG