Just a list of people who have inspired & enlightened me

in no particular order




vho Noria Mbasa

A living legend, an artist, a wonderful creator
of wood carvings and pottery
from the land of the vhavenda.
I only know her via some mutual friends
but mainly by her art which I look at every day
depictions and interpretations of traditional Venda life & struggle.
dedication page & pics coming soon



John Peel

Here was a man who would not take it any more: the playlists, the smoozing, the pop.

"For 37 years, John Peel effectively ran a pirate radio station from inside BBC Radio 1."

"John Peel was one of the greatest Englishmen to ever draw breath
words don't exist to describe how missed and irreplaceable he will be"

Home page on BBC R1

Carl Sagan
A multi-dimensional person, astronomer, scientist, gifted communicator
with a lot of interesting things to say, a source of immense 'cosmic' inspiration

"We wish to find the truth, no matter where it lies.
But to find the truth we need imagination and skepticism both.
We will not be afraid to speculate, but we will be careful to distinguish speculation from fact."

Tribute on Planetary Society web site


Simon Posford
the maestro

"have a good time, all the time"

Hallucinogen home page



Pierre Simon Marquis Laplace

‘But Messier de Laplace, what about God?’
‘I have no need of that hypothesis’

said Laplace to o Napoleon as hwe explained his theory of the origin of the solar system



Robert Elms

This has to be (public) radio at its best!

BBC Radio London web site



Steve "I write what I like" Biko

Founder of Black Conciousness - the beginning of the end of Apartheid

A short biography